Join the i2c KID'S CLUB!

For tennis playing kids (and their parents)

Every week we send you fun activities, information, advice, support and encouragement to help your kids love tennis as much we do!

i2c runs tennis programmes at nearly 40 venues across the UK - but you don't need to attend an i2c venue to join our awesome Kid's Club!  

What is the i2c Kids Club? 

To provide encouragement and support for children playing tennis at i2c venues we've launched the i2c Kids Club! Every week we will email you information to help your kids get the most of our their lessons. That includes special games that help them to practice their new tennis skills, weekly activities that bring tennis to life AND special offers for extra free lessons and events.  

Games to practice our new tennis skills

  • Fun exercises to practice the lessons learned each week during class
  • Activities your child can do on their own and with you to keep them engaged and active
  • Develop coordination and fitness for multi sports

Fun weekly tennis activities

  • Extend on-court learning with pictures and images
  • Learn about tennis players, the game and sports in the UK
  • Develop healthy life habits 

Great advice, information and special offers

  • Receive exclusive advice and information from our expert coaches to help you navigate the world of mini tennis
  • Take advantage of opportunities to play for FREE at i2c venues
  • Access special early bird rates for holiday camps