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What's in the Masterclass?

The Developing the Serve Masterclass was prepared by you inspire2coach, an internationally renowned and respected Coach Educator and the UK's top provider of level 1 and 2 training. Enrolling in the Developing the Serve Masterclass gives you exclusive access to: 

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  • 90 minutes of FREE video tutorials.
  • A BONUS article and video clip for each week of the course. 
  • 50% discount on a 12 month membership of Tennis(24/7) when you finish the Masterclass.  

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

How do we Get Red Players Serving?

  • Introduction to the Red Serve (4:16 mins)
  • Red Serve Progression 1 (5:15 mins)
  • Red Serve Progression 2 (3:57 mins)
  • Red Serve Progression 3 (3:54 mins)

BONUS ARTICLE: The big move: orange to red  

BONUS VIDEO: Live in Qatar; teaching the chopper grip

How Does the Serve Change for Orange Players? 

  • Red Serve Progression 4 (10:16 mins)
  • Taking the Serve to the Orange Court (2:04 mins)
  • Observing the Orange Serve (2:04 mins)
  • Features of the Orange Serve (5:58 mins)  

BONUS ARTICLE: How to use vertical throwing to develop the serve  

BONUS VIDEO: Tactical use of the serve

What’s Different in Player’s Serve at Green?

  • Changes in the Green Serve (3:03 mins)
  • Observing the Green Serve (3:06 mins)
  • Measuring effectiveness of the Green Serve (4:35 mins)
  • Green Serve: The Loaded Position (3:49 mins)  

BONUS ARTICLE: Coaches are from Mars, parents are from Venus  

BONUS VIDEO: Developing tactics with the green serve

Developing the Serve With Adult Players

  • Developing the serve with adult players (37:32 mins)  

BONUS ARTICLE: 3 Key Things to remember when teaching adults  

BONUS VIDEO: How to use a tactical approach to achieve goals when teaching the serve to adults

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